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Welcome to Bonties Plumbing & Electrical

Bonties plumbers and electrical has qualified staff for any work in the building industry including solar geysers installations and inspections. We specialize in the latest technology for water leak detection, power failure detecting and opening of blocked drains.

We are accredited in plumbing, solar, heat pump as well as the complete water system of a dwelling by Manpower as well as by the Plumbing Industry Board. I am in the position to do any inspections to any type of building and is also a roof specialist.

Our Products

NEW! We now hire out both normal and swing scaffolding. We can also provide all relevant certified training.

All products we use are SABS approved products; it is also in conjunction with what the Occupational Health and Safety act 85 of 1993 says. There is also a code op practice that stipulates the minimum requirement for a product that must be used.

Our Services

NEW! We now offer Maintenance Contracts - both to homeowners, businesses, and complexes; as well as the electricians/plumbers who would like to do the work.

Our Services include installations and repairs of plumbing and electrical equipment, inspections for insurance or maintenance purposes, water leak and power failure detection, unblocking drains and much more...

Useful Info

NEW! We now offer franchising opportunities. So if you like what we do and how we do it, why not become part of our growing family?

In this section we provide very useful information to the customer so they can make sure the work being done by contractors is up to standard and above board. Including good and bad installation examples, handy installation or maintenance checklists and more...